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Effective Kudzu Removal in Poughkeepsie, NY

Say Bye To The Kudzu Menace!

The Japanese Kudzu vine made its way to the United Sates in the 1800′s. Needless to say, for anyone who has had an issue with kudzu, it is a menace that you will need to work hard to get rid of! While kudzu seems to thrive in the New York climate, it isn’t great news for your trees. The kudzu infestation will come at you in the middle of the night! The issue with kudzu growth is that it grows at an astonishing pace. It will easily take over your yard or garden and begin to choke out all the other trees and plants in the area. Whether you have delicate trees or full grown arbors, kudzu can make short work of them. Don’t let your trees fall prey to the devilish kudzu! Even if you have a full blow kudzu infestation at hand, all you have permanently!

Over the years, we have devoted much of our time and energy to ensuring that Poughkeepsie is kudzu free! With our expertise and equipment, we make short work of the kudzu infestation by getting to the root of the problem!

We have perfected the art of decimating every kudzu vine while leaving your trees to thrive in the beautiful space!

Permanent Kudzu Removal

Amateur fly by the night companies will gladly claim that they have killed all the kudzu in your green space. You may think so too for a while! The fact is that only too soon you will see kudzu making a reappearance! The job might have been done by amateurs but was it done well enough? When it comes to kudzu removal, the answer to that question will make a world of a difference. Don’t be the one taken for a ride! Call the experts for the best kudzu removal! We will help you get your property rid of kudzu for good!

We accomplish this outcome by doing things just right:

  • We never take an infestation lightly by underestimating it. We attack the kudzu root crown. The root is dredged into the ground and we get the root out of your space. A chance of re-growth exists even if the root is desiccated. We won’t leave a fragment of kudzu embedded in your soil. You can say bye to it forever!
  • We have the most excellent equipment and the certified tree care experts who know how to use the equipment right the very first time!
  • While it may be unfortunate, it is possible that the kudzu infestation has hurt some trees beyond any hope of repair. After assessing the situation, our expert tree removal services will come to your aid.

We are a full service company that offers other tree services like:

Break the kudzu backbone! We can proficiently clear both commercial as well as residential infestations of kudzu.

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Our clients appreciate the fact that we offer them a chance to see what we have to offer to them without it costing them a cent to check! We give you a free, absolutely non-obligatory service estimate! You can make an informed choice for the benefit of your trees! You have nothing to lose!

Call us on (845) 243-2757 or email us at poughkeepsie@premieretreeservices.com today for a free no strings attached cost estimate of our Poughkeepsie Tree Services! We are waiting to hear from you!

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