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Expert Tree Stump Grinding in Poughkeepsie

Tree stumps that simply stick out like knobby knees can reduce the aesthetic beauty of your property. There are many other disadvantages of having these tree stumps stuck on your land. They are a safety hazard when they aren’t properly removed. We can throw these hideous tree stumps into the past where they belong! We have the right equipment to make the task of tree stump grinding an easy and efficient one! Call us today to make these wayward tree stumps a distant memory! Here’s what our tree stump grinding service includes:

  • First we cut the stump down level to the ground so that stump removal is easy and hassle free.
  • We grind the residual portion of the stump using top notch machinery and specialized equipment.
  • We will also chip the newly removed stump and turn it into nutrient-rich mulch. This can then be of use to you as it is a great aid to your other plants when you spread it around your property!

Amateurs tree service companies don’t have the knowhow to get this job done right. They also will not have the right equipment to complete the task correctly! Don’t let amateur tree service companies handle the important task of Poughkeepsie stump grinding! We have been conducting stump grinding in Poughkeepsie for years now! Call the experts and don’t fall for amateurs who will only end up making costly and ugly errors!

Experienced Stump Removal in Poughkeepsie

We are your best bet when it comes to stump removal and stump grinding in Poughkeepsie! We are a full service tree company that deals with the whole gamut of tree services like:

Not only are we the most experienced Poughkeepsie, NY tree service company, we’re the most affordable! Our prices are the highly competitive and we would be very surprised if you found cost estimates lower than ours!

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Contact us today to get your complimentary, no-obligation tree service estimate. You can make an up to date choice with the most accurate and free cost estimate that we provide! Call us on (845) 243-2757 or send us an email at poughkeepsie@premieretreeservices.com today! We are waiting to hear from you!

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